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On this blog you find alle information about SCALCOM in english. Above all, we show you how to get your IT green and what role Renew and Refresh products play.

  1. Lenovo Business Deal for on the move: Powerful, flexible and safe.

    Lenovo Business Bundle for on the move

    Work just as productively, quickly and safely on the move as at your desk in the office. Not possible? It is possible! Lenovo offers practical, powerful tools for business professionals on the go. Together with the manufacturer we have put together a multifunctional bundle.

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  2. An Insight to Cisco System’s Corporate-Social-Responsibility-Report 2019

    Cisco Systems in the market leader in IT and Networking and has about 75.700 employees worldwide. Every year they publish a detailed report on their responsibility towards society. Cisco is putting much effort into ethical goals that go much further than legal requirements or usual engagement. All their efforts mean that they are contributing a great deal for a positive and sustainable development of our planet and humanity. In this Blog article, we’ve put together the most interesting numbers for you.

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  3. Why is Cisco seeing so much potential in Circular Economy?

    Nowadays we don’t have an option as to whether or not we are engaging in the preservation of resources anymore. Fact is: Every year, we’re using more natural resources than our planet can regenerate. Circular Economy looks beyond the take- make- use- dispose model, aims to redefine growth and focuses on positive, society wide benefits. Which involves taking a step away from finite resources. A modern Economy cycle includes an expanding product-lifespan through recycling of materials and create new sources of energy.

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  4. Cisco Meraki - The Cockpit for Cloud Managed IT

    Installing Networking devices, keeping them up to date, maintaining and servicing all devices from clients to the application and ensuring that the security standards for all different kinds of users like employees, visitors or contractors - on all their different devices (Laptops, Smartphones, IoT-devices and many more). These are only some daily tasks of an IT Administrator. To keep an overview of an existing Network is a tremendous administrative effort that produces immense operative costs. Due to the Networks getting continually more complex, there is a higher risk of security holes that can paralyze whole company Networks. Cisco Meraki is helping to make this process easier by offering a safe and scalable solution. The best part about this: Through the central administration, you can achieve massive savings when it comes to your operating costs!

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  5. New certification: We are Lenovo Gold Partner

    Close partnerships with the market leading manufacturers - That is our promise to you. Our goal is to find the best price performance ratio for you. In 2019 we positioned ourselves more in the Notebooks and Laptops market. Which Lenovo rewarded with the Gold Status “PC Partner”. We are celebrating and you can profit from our status: In order to say thank you for trusting us, we made an awesome deal with Lenovo!

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  6. SCALCOM and environmental protection. Why this topic is so important to us; the Interview.

    There is only one planet earth. In order to balance out our consume of resources, we would require roughly about 1,7 planets earths. For us at SCALCOM it is not even a debate as to whether we are going to engage in the protection of our environment, it is necessary. In the interview below our CEO Stefan Karner will explain more about climate protection and why every single company should consider it their duty to actively engage in environmental protection.

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