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On this blog you find alle information about SCALCOM in english. Above all, we show you how to get your IT green and what role Renew and Refresh products play.

  1. New certification: We are Lenovo Gold Partner

    Close partnerships with the market leading manufacturers - That is our promise to you. Our goal is to find the best price performance ratio for you. In 2019 we positioned ourselves more in the Notebooks and Laptops market. Which Lenovo rewarded with the Gold Status “PC Partner”. We are celebrating and you can profit from our status: In order to say thank you for trusting us, we made an awesome deal with Lenovo!

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  2. SCALCOM and environmental protection. Why this topic is so important to us; the Interview.

    There is only one planet earth. In order to balance out our consume of resources, we would require roughly about 1,7 planets earths. For us at SCALCOM it is not even a debate as to whether we are going to engage in the protection of our environment, it is necessary. In the interview below our CEO Stefan Karner will explain more about climate protection and why every single company should consider it their duty to actively engage in environmental protection.

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