Nowadays we don’t have an option as to whether or not we are engaging in the preservation of resources anymore. Fact is: Every year, we’re using more natural resources than our planet can regenerate. Circular Economy looks beyond the take- make- use- dispose model, aims to redefine growth and focuses on positive, society wide benefits. Which involves taking a step away from finite resources. A modern Economy cycle includes an expanding product-lifespan through recycling of materials and create new sources of energy.

Manufacturers like Cisco see ecological and economical potential within a circular economy. In doing so, it is important to consider the whole supply chain as well as the partners and customers. The gas emission produced by the entire supply chain is five times higher than Cisco’s own carbon footprint.

The Lifecycle extension of Cisco Hardware and raw materials is influencing the company objectives significantly. Through the sales of Cisco Refresh products, we at SCALCOM are contributing a great deal in this area.


2018 Cisco committed to the remission of 100% from all their products. Therefore, they have implemented a multitude of services, like a worldwide free collection of old products, buying or part exchanging products only to name a few. The Products that come back to Cisco are being certified and upcycled, sold as Cisco refresh products or taken apart and recycled (These parts are going back to the production of new devices). Cisco Refresh is an important and massive part of the circular economy strategy from Cisco. If you are using Cisco Refresh products, you are taking responsibility and participate in the most important project there is: Saving our Planet. Did you know that when you upcycle products you safe 85% of energy, water and other materials?


Why Circular Economy is so important to SCALCOM:

We are incredibly proud, to have a partner as strong as Cisco System on our side. We cannot even begin to describe how important the engagement of manufacturers, in regards to societal factors beyond profit driven reasons is. We at SCALCOM believe that it’s important to maximise the options of social responsibility (click here to read all about what SCALCOM does for environmental protection). We are keen to create more awareness for alternative option within our customers. We want to convey the message that, in order to achieve more together, we all need to strengthen the Factor “community”.

Our Partners Cisco, HPE and Aruba are providing great opportunities with their Renew / Refresh programs, for everyone to easily incorporate environmental protection within your company strategy. Important to know is, that even though you are helping to protect the environment, there will be no additional costs to do so. Quite the opposite actually: Renew / Refresh goods are up to 70% cheaper than brand new products. To avoid any disadvantages in regards to functionality or looks, the producers are upcycling the goods themselves, running the newest updates and seal the quality with their manufacturer warranty. Sometimes environmental protection can be so easy!


We at SCALCOM would like to support our Manufacturers, to reach their awesome goals. Which is why we always continue to work on ourselves and further develop. We would like to incorporate more and more areas of circular economy so we can make it even easier for our customers to participate in these alternative programs. If you would like to know exactly what we have planned, keep an eye on our blog.


Cisco Systems published their Corporate-Social-Responsibility- Report in which they show, on over 230 pages, which social contributions the Company makes for society. In the Blog-article “An Insight to Cisco’s Corporate-Social-Responsibility-Report” we’ve put together the most exiting numbers for you. Of course, you will also find the full report from Cisco there.