Cisco Meraki - simple, secure, scalable

Installing Networking devices, keeping them up to date, maintaining and servicing all devices from clients to the application and ensuring that the security standards for all different kinds of users like employees, visitors or contractors - on all their different devices (Laptops, Smartphones, IoT-devices and many more). These are only some daily tasks of an IT Administrator. To keep an overview of an existing Network is a tremendous administrative effort that produces immense operative costs. Due to the Networks getting continually more complex, there is a higher risk of security holes that can paralyze whole company Networks. Cisco Meraki is helping to make this process easier by offering a safe and scalable solution. The best part about this: Through the central administration, you can achieve massive savings when it comes to your operating costs!


This manufacturer offers a product portfolio that reaches from Wireless and switching products to security and SD-WAN articles all the way to surveillance cameras. The focus for all Meraki solutions is a cloud-based interface where you can administrate your whole IT Network from a central point. The times where you had to conduct a service for a single device in a frenzy are over with this technology.

Why Meraki?

-       Independence: The configuration of all Networking devices and cameras can be done from anywhere.

-       Central administration: All users, accesses, devices and applications are accessible over the central Dashboard.

-       Increased productivity: improve communication between two branches to relive IT-Staff.

-       Scalability: You can cover everything from small branches to big Networks with this solution.

-      Always up to date: Updates, Software und IT-Rollouts are coming directly from the cloud and closing potential security gaps.

-       Lower operating costs: Tremendous operational savings when implementing and maintaining the Network through optimisation of processes.  


SCALCOM and Cisco Meraki:

Meraki was founded in 2006 and since 2012 it is a subsidiary of the world biggest Network-supplier Cisco Systems. Next to Cisco refresh, you can now also purchase Meraki products from our website. Due to organisational reasons, we are not able to portray the Meraki portfolio in our Webshop. Through our close-knit partnership with Cisco Systems, we are able to get you next to every single Cisco Meraki product – the official way.

Over a 1.000.000, Networks in 147 countries are profiting from Meraki advantages. When are you starting into the future of cloud managed IT?