Cisco Systems in the market leader in IT and Networking and has about 75.700 employees worldwide. Every year they publish a detailed report on their responsibility towards society. Cisco is putting much effort into ethical goals that go much further than legal requirements or usual engagement. All their efforts mean that they are contributing a great deal for a positive and sustainable development of our planet and humanity. In this Blog article, we’ve put together the most interesting numbers for you.

Cisco is following one central goal: Building bridges, between hope and possibilities. The manufacturer is trying to speed up the solution for global societal problems and environmental issues with their own resources (in technology and expertise). Their CSR-Report is over 230 pages long and there are many sub categories like Leadership and Responsibility of Cisco, People, society and the Planet. In this Article, we are going to highlight Cisco key figures, which our customer and we have contributed towards. Therefore, we will focus on the “Planet” area (sustainable, ecological growth in a digital world) and Circular Economy.

Goals: Protecting the environment and saving resources

In 2006 Cisco started, to set themselves environmental goals. Since then, the company is working on reaching climate targets and implementing further measures to protect the environment. One of the measures that they took, was using energy from renewable sources, adjusting the product design and optimizing the packaging (less virgin Plastic and all-over smaller packages) and of course the recycling of raw materials and minerals.

The Circular Economy Program from Cisco

In 2018 Cisco first started their companywide circular economy program. Which changed the way products were designed, built and shipped - How they used existing assets and turn them into new products. Cisco has set themselves the following objectives to push their circular economy:

However, why is circular economy so important? What societal problems can be solved with following this principle and what is SCALCOM’s POV in all this? You can read about all about this in our Blog.


If you are interested in reading the full Corporate-Social-Responsibility-Report from Cisco? Click here.