There is only one planet earth. In order to balance out our consume of resources, we would require roughly about 1,7 planets earths. For us at SCALCOM it is not even a debate as to whether we are going to engage in the protection of our environment, it is necessary. In the interview below our CEO Stefan Karner will explain more about climate protection and why every single company should consider it their duty to actively engage in environmental protection.


A very recent example shows us, that we cannot leave the climatic neutrality only up to politics. At the beginning of November, the German newspaper “die Zeit” reported that more than a thousand Google-employees are demanding a climate-protection-plan from their corporate management. That shows that company’s (even in their role as employers) need to step up their game when it comes to their societal responsibilities. In demonstrations, petitions and open letters, employees as individual consumers are demanding more engagement. Consequently, we can see that the protection of our environment will also increase the employee satisfaction significantly.


What measures is SCALCOM taking to protect our environment? An Interview with CEO Stefan Karner.

Interviewer: Sustainability is an important topic for you, in your private and your work life. SCALCOM is actively engaging in environmental protection for many years now. You became the CEO in October; could you please give us some insight to your professional development as well as your own personal motives?

Stefan Karner: I decided about 4 years ago to change my career path. After working in the Automobile Industry for 12 years, I went to work with the market leader for battery storage technologies. It was time for a change, as I wanted to do my part in driving the climatic neutrality further forward. Why, you ask? My biggest source of motivation is my family. I want my kids to grow up in a world, which can keep on existing, safely and cleanly. This is why I spend as much time as possible outside, with my whole family. That is how the kids learn from a very young age on, how important it is to be environmentally conscious. When I built my house earlier this year, I opted for a passive house, with a photovoltaic system and a charging station for e-cars.

Interviewer: What was your first impression in regards to how SCALCOM is handling environmental issues?

Stefan  Karner: SCALCOM has already set a good example in terms of sustainability and climate protection. They have pushed forward many great projects, which gives me in an incredible positive frame of mind. Within the whole company, there is a very high level of environmental awareness and every single person is doing their best to do their part and make a positive impact. That is the perfect working atmosphere and base I want to build on with my Team.

Interviewer: Can you please tell us which projects and measures you already have in place?

Stefan Karner: We installed a 54kWp PV photovoltaic system on the roof of our building. In the first 10 months of 2019 it generated about 44.000 kWh which is approximately as much as 10 4-person household’s would use in the same period. The whole SCALTEL Group at our HQ’s in Waltenhofen, Germany has the same system and we generated 92.000 kWh PV which provides electricity for about 22 households. 

Interviewer: You have a lot of renew/refresh products in your portfolio at SCALCOM – manufacturer refurbished products. Are you using them for your internal network infrastructure too?

Stefan Karner: Of course! About 40% of our Network is made of renew/refresh products and the numbers are increasing. That is not only great for lowering our operating costs but we also save hundreds of tons CO2 as well as thousands of lifters of water. On top of that, we are also reusing precious resources, which helps to reduce the degradation of rare earth elements.

Interviewer: You have mentioned earlier that every single member of your Team is doing a part to protect our environment, what do you mean by that?

Stefan Karner: In the following 12 months, our motto will be “Trees”. Due to current events like the wildfires in the Amazon rainforest, the clearance of the rainforest and the dying forests in Germany, I believe we need to take immediate action. My team had the brilliant idea to participate in reforestation; we are going to create our own SCALCOM forest here in the south of Germany! We want to get things moving and we are starting directly on our front step to make the world greener, bit by bit - literally. Even our Christmas presents are all about “Trees” this year as we have gifted everyone spruce seeds to plant their own tree.  We are also planning further events in 2020, hopefully with our business partners. Stay tuned for more info!

Interviewer: How happy are you with what SCALCOM has been contributing in terms of environmental protection up to now?

Stefan Karner: I believe that every little change helps. You just need to get started! Of course, I am aware that all these measures are only little drops in the ocean. Which is why we will keep on working to create a more climate neutral world. After all, the ocean is also made of millions of drops.

In Hand with what we are doing internally, are giving other companies the ability to actively contribute to the protection of our environment with our product portfolio. So why not use our refresh/renew products to replace all wearing and spare parts? Even with little changes, you can achieve immense savings. What are you waiting for when you can help to protect our environment so easily?

Interviewer: Thank you Stefan for all this information!